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Project nickname
"Hôkago Dance Class"


Hinode Town

Hinode Town, which belongs to Nishitama District, has a population of about 16,500. While forestry and cement manufacturing industries have taken root in the town owing to its rich natural resources, hiking trails and hot springs are popular among tourists. It is also a town of traditional culture, with many local performing arts actively practiced. The Hinode Town Shimo-cho Children's Center was used as the base for the ADD project, and workshops were held to experience various local performing arts, street dance, the basics of ballet, and others.

View of the town from the hillside.

Rokuya Daibutsu.

Hirai Festival.


Shimo-cho Children's Center
1254-1, Hirai, Hinode-cho, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo

Shimo-cho Children's Center is the only children's center in Hinode Town. It is for children up to junior high school age, and has a library, a playroom, and a yard where children can play ball games. It also holds various events such as "Children's Center Festival" and "Christmas Party" as well as various club activities. The second floor of the building is used as the Shimo-cho Hall, where the local Shimo-cho Hayashi performing group practices. Its performance is dedicated at the festival of the Kasuga Shrine, which is located just across the Hirai River.


Dispatched Dance Expert

Koharu Sugawara

Dancer and Choreographer

Choreography Assistant: Rio Takanaka

Researcher, Choreography Assistant

Remon Nakanishi


Music for Showing: Masafumi Saito

Production Manager: Yeoreum Han (Laox Media Solutions.Co.,Ltd.)

Co-organized by Hinode Town

Document of the Research and Workshops Remon Nakanishi and Daisuke Muto

1. Research

Located in the Tama district of western Tokyo, Hinode Town is rich in nature. Through ADD advisor Miki Sato's relative who lives there, we were able to meet with a number of people involved in various dances. Hinode Town is a place where many traditional folk performing arts survive, and we had the pleasure of greeting people at a meeting of the Hinode Town Folk Performing Arts Preservation Society, and observing the occasional events and rehearsals.


2. Workshop

It was Chiori Komine, a staff of the Shimo-cho Children's Center, that showed great interest in the project initially, and Kimio Komori, who is in charge of the Center at the Town's Child Care and Welfare Department, provided us with great support. Children gather at the Center after school to play ball games in the front yard, read books in the library, or play table tennis in the playroom. As the ADD researcher, Remon Nakanishi often visited here to play with the children (or be played by them), Before long, he became a familiar face among them, being called out on the street, "Remon! Remon!"


3. Workshop (Resumed)

When all the workshops were finished and the members to participate in the dance creation phase had just been confirmed, the program was interrupted due to the COVID-19. After a year and three months of inactivity, we resumed online (some members were unable to continue due to various reasons, while those who had moved to Okinawa were able to participate thanks to the online system). A total of 15 children took on the challenge of creating their own choreography.

Workshop (Resumed)

4. Showing

Rio took the lead in organizing the motifs from the children into dance phrases, which she and Koharu connected to the music. The music was an original sound source recorded in Hinode Town and remixed by the musician Masafumi Saito based on the performances of Shimo-cho Hayashi, Houou-no-Mai, and Blue Paradise.


Reflecting on the ADD Hinode Town Project

"Cultural Perspectives for Children"

Dispatched Dance Expert

Koharu Sugawara

Researcher, Choreography Assistant

Remon Nakanishi

Assistant to Koharu Sugawara

Rio Takanaka

Reflecting on the ADD Hinode Town Project

Experienced Locals Dance Instructors for ADD Hinode Town Workshop

Lokelani Kazuko


Tamanouchi Shishimai Preservation Society

Miki Sato

Contemporary Dance

Houou-no-Mai Preservation Society

Sakuragi Bayashi Preservation Society

FUUMIN / MUSKY Dance Studio

Hip Hop

Kazuko Hasegawa


Shimo-cho Hayashi Preservation Society

Voices of ADD Participants

"It was a first time experience for me, but I was able to enjoy it, imagining how things would turn out. Our dance is a nationally designated intangible cultural property, so it would be great to have more people know about it. Because of its tradition, we've always taught only to boys, but teaching to girls was a good opportunity also."

Ken'ichi Miyano
(Houou-no-Mai Preservation Society)

"Our Shimo-cho Hayashi Preservation Society were very pleased because our folk performing art form was shared not only to a larger crowd outside of our community, but also to many other children. I'm glad that they were able to discover new dance styles and music. It's different from the so-called "dance" in modern society, but I hope they were able to get a feel for what a traditional culture is like, through this experience."

Katsuyuki Aoki
(Shimo-cho Hayashi Preservation Society)

"This was a great program, and I think the experience will become a great asset to the children. I think it would've been nice to have a larger-scaled program with children participating from all areas of the Town, and not just those who are near the venue, but unfortunately we weren't able to find a facility big enough. For Hinode Town, I thought it would've been interesting to utilize the rich nature, and hold the sessions outdoors, or on a soccer field with natural grass, but COVID-19 didn't allow this to happen. I also wanted to do a barbeque after the session, but it's truly a shame that things became remote with the pandemic. I'm hoping that there will be someone young and fitting for this program joining us in the future, so that it will continue to be held again."

Kimio Komori
(Shimo-cho Children's Center)

"It was fun. I liked Koharu Sugawara's session. Difficult, but the content of the dance was fun."
"It was fun to experience different dances like hayashi, and Koharu Sugawara's fierce dance. I felt the loose, relaxing elements with hula."


"At first, I was anxious wondering how it would turn out, but as we went through the sessions creating dance with the cultural aspects of Hinode Town, I was able to gradually see what was coming together. I'm very grateful for holding this program because it allowed me to see the rich facial expressions of the children that were completely different from their usual. All sessions were memorable, but the one that stood out was Koharu Sugawara's session, with her talented ability to attract the children's attention."

Chiori Komine
(Shimo-cho Children's Center)

Project Overview

ADD Hinode Town logo

Venue: Shimo-cho Children's Center and Yamabiko Hall
Participants: Elementary and Junior High School Students Living in Hinode Town
Tuition: Free (Pre-signup required)

Call for Participants:
Here comes Koharu Sugawara! Call for participants in the dance class!
Let's learn various dances from professional dancers and experienced locals!
After-school Diversity Dance will start an ADD Hinode Town workshop "Hôkago Dance Class". People involved in various dances in Hinode Town (experienced locals) and Koharu Sugawara, a dispatched dance expert, will serve as instructors to teach dance to local children. It is open to those with and without dance experience. Plus, participants can also challenge themselves to create a dance piece with Koharu Sugawara based on their experience in the class!

Flyer calling for workshop participants


From April to September, 2019


#1 Thursday, October 3, 2019
Instructors: Koharu Sugawara (Contemporary Dance) and Lokelani Kazuko (Hula)

#2 Saturday, October 26, 2019
Instructors: Tamanouchi Shishimai Preservation Society

#3 Saturday, November 16, 2019
Instructors: Remon Nakanishi (Bon Dance) with Nyantoko

#4 Saturday, November 30, 2019
Instructor: Miki Sato (Contemporary Dance)

#5 Saturday, December 14, 2019
Instructors: Koharu Sugawara (Contemporary Dance) and Houou-no-Mai Preservation Society

#6 Saturday, December 21, 2019
Instructors: Sakuragi Bayashi Preservation Society

#7 Saturday, January 18, 2020
Instructor: FUUMIN / MUSKY Dance Studio (Hip Hop)

Extra Wednesday, January 22, 2020
Instructor: Kazuko Hasegawa (Ballet)

#8 Saturday, February 1, 2020
Instructor: Koharu Sugawara (Contemporary Dance)

#9 Saturday, February 8, 2020
Instructors: Shimo-cho Hayashi Preservation Society

Workshop Resumed (via ZOOM)

#1 Sunday, May 23, 2021
Instructor: Rio Takanaka (Contemporary Dance)

#2 Saturday, May 29, 2021
Instructor: Koharu Sugawara (Contemporary Dance)

#3 Sunday, May 30, 2021
Instructor: Koharu Sugawara (Contemporary Dance)