ADD Kunitachi City

Project nickname
"Hôkago Dance Troupe"


Kunitachi City

Kunitachi City, located in central Tama area, has a population of about 76,000. The symbol of the city is the main street stretching from Kunitachi Railway Station and lined with cherry and ginkgo trees. Kunitachi has a history of being developed as an educational district around Hitotsubashi University, and is known as a suburban residential area, but it is also famous for Yabo Tenmangu Shrine, the oldest Tenmangu Shrine in the eastern part of Japan. Children gathered at the Kunitachi Community Arts Center, the base of ADD Kunitachi City, to experience hula, lacrosse, and Trinidad and Tobago folk dancing among others.

The Daigaku-dori avenue stretching from Kunitachi Station.

Housing complexes and a park.

Yabo Tenmangu Shrine.


Kunitachi Community Arts Center
2-48-1, Fujimidai, Kunitachi-shi, Tokyo

Kunitachi Community Arts Center is a public facility with a 300-seat hall, gallery, studio, music practice room, and atelier. It is operated by the Kunitachi Arts and Sports Foundation. In addition to being used for artistic activities by citizens such as shows and exhibitions, the hall also hosts many concerts, movie screenings, theater and dance performances, rakugo (traditional Japanese comic storytelling), and workshops. Kunitachi Community Sports Center is also adjacent.


©︎Hiroyuki Miura

Dispatched Dance Expert

Osamu Jareo

Dancer and Choreographer

©Mikio Tazoe

Researcher, Choreography Assistant

Reina Kimura

Dancer and Choreographer

Music for Showing: Yusuke Kataoka and Yoko Ando

Assistants: Koji Ozono and Eureka Toyoda

Production Manager: Kaoru Muramatsu

Co-organized by Kunitachi Arts and Sports Foundation

Document of the Research and Workshops Reina Kimura and Daisuke Muto

1. Research

Kunitachi City is an educational district with universities and other facilities, and there are many individuals and groups that have developed their own community activities. The Kunitachi Community Arts Center, the base of ADD Kunitachi City, is used for ballet and jazz dance rehearsals and presentations and also hosts contemporary dance workshops.


2. Workshop

ADD Kunitachi's base is the Community Arts Center. In addition to holding various events such as music, theater, rakugo (comic storytelling), and dance, the hall also has music practice rooms, studios, and ateliers, all of which are enjoyed by the citizens. The lobby on the first floor is open to the public, and after school children come here to study or play games. Although it is not really a children's center, it seems to be functioning as a place for children.


3. Workshop (Resumed)

In Kunitachi City, the program was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic after the eighth workshop, and a year and three months later, it was restarted with a combination of online and on-site workshops in four sessions. The six children who gathered for the workshop were taught by Hana Sato (hip hop) as before, and newcomers Minako Otake (bon dance), Kalehua Yoshida (hula), and Masami Kubota (body performance). In addition, Osamu taught the bélé that he had learned from Maurice and Zia.

Workshop (Resumed)

4. Showing

The event was held at the main hall of Kunitachi Community Arts Center, inviting parents and other related people. The children danced bon dance, bele, hula, and their own original choreography with the instructors and Osamu. Guest musician Yusuke Kataoka played improvised music with piano and percussion, and Yoko Ando, saxophone player from the local area, also joined in to liven up the children's performance.


Reflecting on the ADD Kunitachi City Project

"No Need to be a Professional to Tell the Very Basis of Dancing"

Dispatched Dance Expert

Osamu Jareo

Researcher, Choreography Assistant

Reina Kimura

Reflecting on the ADD Kunitachi City Project

Experienced Locals Dance Instructors for ADD Kunitachi City Workshop

Naofumi Suzuki


Hana Sato

Hip Hop

Maurice Morancie


Kalehua Yoshida


Minako Otake

Bon Dance

Masami Kubota

Body Performance

Voices of ADD Participants

"It was difficult, but fun."
"I liked how we all worked on dance creation, and then learned each other's choreographies."
"It was super tiring, but a lot of fun."


"When Osamu Jareo told me about ADD, I was so happy that I immediately responded, "Yes !" in taking part. This is because our arts center was just getting started in focusing on contemporary dance as our programming that shapes our venue. We thought it was a great opportunity to collaborate with artists and experts who are very active on the front lines of the field. Also, while the perspective of "diversity" has been important for a regional venue, we have been looking for some more concrete, continuous project ideas.

After the research by the committee members, recruitment of "experienced locals", calls for participation, and opening of the workshops, the project started off smoothly with energetic children making their way to our arts center. Then suddenly came the COVID-19 pandemic and all activities came to a halt. However, the way the committee worked together in doing what can be done, and the participation of the children and adults, has shed light to our arts center, not only for the ADD program, but as its entirety as well.

Contemporary dance, children, the various adults in the community, and diversity: I feel that it's my mission to develop, update, and expand these different elements contained in the ADD program. If at all possible, I dream of making it the pillar in building Kunitachi City's art and culture policies."

Kaori Saito
(Kunitachi Community Arts Center)

"At first, I thought they wouldn't be too interested in another country they are not familiar with. But as they began to dance, I was really surprised by their enthusiasm to learn about the dance and our culture." (Maurice Morancie)
"I think dance is one of the most fun ways to get people to learn about different cultures. So maybe, when the children reach adulthood with these memories held somewhere, they will wonder why they know the song of bélé." (Zia Holder)

Maurice Morancie & Zia Holder

"Being able to take on something new in my neighborhood,despite the age, gender, and genre differences, I think, is a fresh way of communication." (Kalehua Yoshida)
"Since I've been solely dedicating myself to tahitian and hula dancing for over a decade, it was exciting to be exposed to other dances, discovering creative ideas and teaching methods." (Mana Yoshida)

Kalehua Yoshida & Mana Yoshida

Project Overview

The ADD Kunitachi City logo designed by OKAZAKI DESIGN

Venue: Kunitachi Community Arts Center and Kunitachi Community Sports Center
Participants: 3rd-6th Year Elementary School Students Living in Kunitachi City
Tuition: Free (Pre-signup required)

Call for Participants:
Come try out the various dances of this town and find your own favorites!
ADD Kunitachi City is starting a workshop "Hôkago Dance Troupe'' which will be held every month towards the summer of 2020. Why don't you learn how to dance from professional dancers and people who are active in the local culture of Kunitachi ("experienced local")? Workshops are open to everyone, whether you have dance experience or not, and whether you have a disability or not.
★If you love dancing, you can improve your skills by learning about many other dance styles!
★If you're new to dance, you might be hooked on the fun of moving your body!

Flyer calling for workshop participants


From April to September, 2019


#1 Friday, September 27, 2019
Instructor: Osamu Jareo (Contemporary Dance)

#2 Friday, October 4, 2019
Instructors: Osamu Jareo (Contemporary Dance) and Reina Kimura (Contemporary Dance)

#3 Friday, November 1, 2019
Instructors: Osamu Jareo (Contemporary Dance) and Kaoru Muramatsu

#4 Friday, November 15, 2019
Instructors: Osamu Jareo (Contemporary Dance) and Naofumi Suzuki (Lacrosse)

#5 Friday, December 13, 2019
Instructor: Hana Sato (Hip Hop)

#6 Friday, January 17, 2020
Instructor: Naofumi Suzuki (Lacrosse)

#7 Friday, January 31, 2020
Instructor: Osamu Jareo (Contemporary Dance)

#8 Friday, February 21, 2020
Instructors: Maurice Morancie with Zia Holder (Bélé)

#9 [Cancelled] Friday, February 28, 2020
Instructors: Yabo Tenmangu Shishimai Preservation Society

#10 [Cancelled] Friday, March 20, 2020
Instructor: Satoshi Hasegawa (Shugendo)

Workshop Resumed

#1 Monday, May 17, 2021 (via ZOOM)
Instructors: Osamu Jareo (Contemporary Dance) and Hana Sato (Hip Hop)

#2 Friday, May 21, 2021 (via ZOOM)
Instructors: Osamu Jareo (Contemporary Dance) and Kalehua Yoshida (Hula)

#3 Monday, May 24, 2021
Instructors: Osamu Jareo (Contemporary Dance) and Masami Kubota (Body Performance)

#4 Saturday, May 29, 2021 Private Showing
Instructors: Osamu Jareo (Contemporary Dance), Minako Otake (Bon Dance), Hana Sato (Hip Hop), Kalehua Yoshida (Hula) and Masami Kubota (Body Performance)