ADD Minato City

Project nickname
"Hôkago Dance x Dance remix"


Minato City

Minato City, located in the center of Tokyo, has a population of about 146,000. In addition to the media, IT companies, and foreign-affiliated companies, about half of the 140 embassies of countries around the world in Japan are concentrated here, and people of diverse origins live together. The ADD Minato City program was based at the Minato-ku Azabu Kids-to-Teens Hall, where a variety of workshops were held, including traditional dances from Afghanistan, China, and Brazil, and contemporary dance, as well as bon dance that is very popular in the community.

Iikura Intersection.

Arisugawa-no-miya Memorial Park.

Tokyo Tower.


Minato-ku Azabu Kids-to-Teens Hall
6-7, Minami-Azabu 4-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Azabu Kids-to-Teens Hall is a public space for children from babies to high school age. It has a variety of facilities such as a children's hall, school children's club, childcare room, playroom, creative activity room, music room, study room, arena (gymnasium), and rollerblading rink on the roof, and various events are planned for each generation. Located near the nature-rich Arisugawa-no-miya Memorial Park, the building houses Minato-ku Honmura Nursery School on the first floor and Minato-ku Arisu Iki-iki Plaza (a welfare facility for the elderly) on the third floor.


Dispatched Dance Expert

Kikunojo Onoe

Classical Japanese Dancer and Choreographer


Mari Fukutome

Dancer and Choreographer


Choreography Assistant

Mikico Suto


Production Managers: Kanako Iwanaka and Kiaru Ichikawa

Co-organized by Minato City Azabu Region City Office

Supported by Public Interest Incorporated Foundation for Child Well-being and Minato-ku Azabu Kids-to-Teens Hall

Document of the Research and Workshops Mari Fukutome, Mikico Suto and Daisuke Muto

1. Research

With embassies of many countries and many foreigners, Minato City is like having the whole world in Tokyo. We walked around Azabu, where the ADD Minato City's base, the Azabu Kids-to-Teens Hall, is located, and through the cooperation and connections of many people, we were able to find a variety of dances.


2. Workshop

The base of the ADD Minato City is the "Azabu Kids-to-Teens Hall". Children of all ages and nationalities gather here after school, creating a lively atmosphere. There are facilities for play, sports, and games, as well as a wide variety of events and club activities. ADD's workshop "Hôkago Dance x Dance remix" was held here among them. Not only those who signed up in advance, but also many children who were passing by and were interested in what we were doing joined the workshop.


3. Workshop (Resumed)

After the seventh workshop in Minato City, we were forced to suspend the program due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After a one-year and four-month hiatus, we restarted the program with a four-day short-term program and invited children to participate. Of the six children who gathered, four were participating for the first time.

Workshop (Resumed)

4. Showing

The stage and audience were set up in the gymnasium (arena) in the plaza, and the children performed the dances they had learned one by one with their instructors, inviting their parents and other related people to join the audience. At the beginning of the performance, the children used sign language to express the title, "Minato-ku Choju-Giga".


Reflecting on the ADD Minato City Project

"Experience is Definitely Accumulated"

Dispatched Dance Expert

Kikunojo Onoe


Mari Fukutome

Choreography Assistant

Mikico Suto

Reflecting on the ADD Minato City Project

Experienced Locals Dance Instructors for ADD Minato City Workshop

Yukiko Kitajima

Bon Dance

Uni mama

Body Work

Izumi Kojima

Sign Language

Sayaka Masaki


Satoru Hirashima


Takahiro Iwai


M. Ashraf Baburi

Afghan Dance

Mastana / Nanako Kamimura

Afghan Dance

Ryu Shirahase


Lei Huang

Classical Chinese Dance

Voices of ADD Participants

"It was fun getting to know the dance from different countries."
"I enjoyed the bird dance from China the most. My shoulders were tired, but I thought it was pretty."
"I want to do it again."


"Because the instructors communicated with the children very casually, I think they purely enjoyed playing, rather than learning. That's why they could absorb all the different dances and expressions naturally. It was a great experience for the children to be able to digest what they learned, and output it in their own way. Though it was mostly a playful experience, the children had a stage to perform in a serious setting at the end. We've already heard that they want to do it again. So we're hoping to respond to those voices, giving the children more opportunities like this in the future."

Hiroyuki Yamamoto
(Azabu Kids-to-Teens Hall)

"Because I usually work in an office, I rarely had the opportunity to do anything with children. But this experience helped me gain the confidence in being able to dance with kids (lol)." (Ashraf Baburi)
"One might have a scary, dark image of Afghanistan, but I hope this opportunity helped look at the beautiful culture, and the cute, lovely, happy moments they have in their lives, not only the difficulties they face." (Nanako Kamimura)

M. Ashraf Baburi,
Nanako Kamimura

"It was really impressive to see the children working on the activities so seriously, unlike the way they usually play. I even had a girl, a rhythmic gymnast, tell me she got hooked on Capoeira."

Chisato Watanabe
(Azabu Kids-to-Teens Hall)

"ADD was a valuable experience for me, as I was able to have a conversation through dance with the local children. This exchange in the popping that I taught was the sharing of movements through imagery and words, rather than the dance technique, to dance. I was very happy to be able to experience up close the process of its fruition and development into a working communication. I also felt the beauty of connection between people through the sense of local community and dance cultures. It was great."

Takahiro Iwai

"Not just the children, but I too, had a great experience in getting to know the different dances and cultures from all over the world."

Kanako Aso
(Azabu Kids-to-Teens Hall)

Project Overview

The ADD Minato City logo designed by Aokid

Venue: Minato-ku Azabu Kids-to-Teens Hall and Minato-ku Arisu Iki-iki Plaza
Participants: Children at Ages of Elementary to High School Student (Membership of Minato-ku Azabu Kids-to-Teens Hall required)
Tuition: Free (Pre-signup required)

Call for Participants:
"Hôkago (After-school) Dance x Dance remix" is a workshop series for kids and young people, giving them a chance to learn diverse dance styles from around the world.Professional dance experts, local dancers and special instructors will introduce many different dance styles, from cool to graceful, traditional, or super-eccentric. And the final chapter of the course might be their own dance creation!

Flyer calling for workshop participants


From April to September, 2019


#1 Friday, November 29, 2019
Instructors: Mari Fukutome (Contemporary Dance) and Yukiko Kitajima (Bon Dance)

#2 Tuesday, December 10, 2019
Instructors: Uni mama (Body Work) and lzumi Kojima (Sign Language)

#3 Thursday, December 19, 2019
Instructors: Kikunojo Onoe (Classical Japanese Dance) and Sayaka Masaki (Flamenco) with Satoru Hirashima (Cajón)

#4 Saturday, January 11, 2020
Instructors: Kikunojo Onoe (Classical Japanese Dance) and Takahiro Iwai (Popping)

#5 Monday, January 20, 2020
Instructors: Kikunojo Onoe (Classical Japanese Dance) and Mari Fukutome (Contemporary Dance)

#6 Wednesday, January 29, 2020
Instructors: Kikunojo Onoe (Classical Japanese Dance) and M. Ashraf Baburi with Nanako Kamimura a.k.a. Mastana (Afghan Dance)

#7 Wednesday, February 5, 2020
Instructors: Kikunojo Onoe (Classical Japanese Dance) and Ryu Shirahase (Capoeira)

#8 [Cancelled] Friday, February 28, 2020
Instructor: Keisuke Oka (Butoh)

#9 [Cancelled] Sunday, March 8, 2020
Instructors: Hiromi Hamada (Ryukyuan Dance) and Lei Huang (Classical Chinese Dance)

#10 [Cancelled] Sunday, March 22, 2020
Instructor: Naoto Kawakami (Break Dance)

Workshop Resumed

#1 Tuesday, June 1, 2021
Instructors: Kikunojo Onoe (Classical Japanese Dance) and Sayaka Masaki (Flamenco)

#2 Sunday, June 6, 2021
Instructors: Kikunojo Onoe (Classical Japanese Dance), Lei Huang (Classical Chinese Dance), and Ryu Shirahase (Capoeira)

#3 Tuesday, June 8, 2021
Instructors: Kikunojo Onoe (Classical Japanese Dance) and lzumi Kojima (Sign Language)

#4 Sunday, June 13, 2021 Private Showing
Instructors: Kikunojo Onoe (Classical Japanese Dance), Izumi Kojima (Sign Language), Sayaka Masaki (Flamenco), Ryu Shirahase (Capoeira) and Lei Huang (Classical Chinese Dance)